An Update from Little Rock on Mars

Things sure have been different around here!! The Little Rock the little rock thought.

First, Puffy Rock opened up like a big floppy egg, and this strange Flat Thing came tumbling out! Here comes the Rover!
Rover checks out Little Rock And then the Flat Thing rolls down, and POKES at me with some kind of strange Pointy Thing!
And I was just going to say something to this weird Flat Thing, when it pulls back and rolls away!! Rover rolls away!
Rover goes poking the Boring Rocks And then it goes and starts poking at those OTHER rocks!! But they are so boring, they didn't even TRY to say anything, EITHER! Hmphf!

But Little Rock was really jealous, because he thought that the Rover, whom he called the Flat Thing, had come right off its lander *just* to look at HIM!

It really hurt when he found out
that "Flat Thing" was interested in
ALL the rocks in Little Rock's world...

Until one day, after the Rover had been pretty much out of sight of Little Rock for some time, the Rover suddenly rumbled into view. The Rover returns
The Little Rock won't admit its glad to see Flat Thing I wonder what that thing wants NOW!
Little Rock thought.

Little Rock decided to say something.
Little Rock yells at the Rover
Little Rock is surprised! And suddenly, the Rover STOPPED! Wow! It heard me! Little Rock thought.
Little Rock called again,
Say, who are you? What are you doing here? Where did you come from anyway??
Little Rock grills the Rover
The Rover answers Little RockThe Rover turned, looked Little Rock up and down with its pointy Probe arm, and then said,
Excuse me, but I'm on an important mission right now. I *should* be done very soon, though.

The Rover continues his mission

The Rover started on its way again, but it called back to Little Rock, who was REALLY stumped now, and said,

If you like, I'll tell you all about my mission,
why I've come to your planet,
and where I'm from, planet Earth.

But, you'll have to wait until I'm all finished
with my main assignment!

The Rover keeps circling the lander

And with that, the Rover continued circling the puffy, droopy rock.

Little Rock thought for a moment, and then said,

The Little Rock wonders
What the heck is a planet???

* * *

May Little Rock and the Rover Sojourner have
Lots of Fun, learning New Things
About Each Other
for a Long, Long Time!

* * *

Story and Illustrations by
Sue Kientz
with help from NASA images


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