Sojourner Truth
Ares Vallis

July 8, 1997

Dear Mom,

My APXS proved that B.B. was really rich in silicon and quartz, which is more characteristic of Earth than Martian rocks. He may be rich, but he's still just a common andesite. No bells rang.

At 3:00 today it was about 4 degrees F. The Earth Team says this weather's boring. Easy for them to say sitting in their warm rooms in front of their cozy computers. It's cold, cold, cold! It's pretty dusty too, and you can't see any further than on a foggy day in L.A. I'm moving toward Yogi, but can't get a very good look at him yet, as I keep getting dust in my eyes. I have to keep stopping to use saline solution on my contacts. I forgot my goggles. They're on my dresser at your house. Lots of good they do me there!

The IMP has taken about 1600 pictures of the Martian surface. Can you believe that? You can tell he doesn't have to pay the developing bill. He's in seventh heaven. The Earth Team just tells him, "shoot as many pictures as you possibly can." And he does.