Sojourner Truth
Ares Vallis

July 9, 1997


We've been here for six days now. Tonight Carl and I must undergo physicals. The Earth Team is constantly worried about our health.

I completed my soil analysis of Yogi's moat. Then I had to commit a soil abrasion test digging deeply into the soil while spinning my wheels. It was beautiful. Yogi was impressed. It was fun. The scientists want to see if they can totally improve on my mobile abilities with future rovers. Ha! I rock, I roll, I boogie. After Yogi, I go to meet Casper and Scooby Doo. Next week I get to take pictures of the Martian sunsets and Phobos (do you suppose it really is hollow and man made?) and Deimos and the twin peaks I was telling you about. Mom, it's so much fun up here. Wish you were here.