Sojourner Truth
Ares Vallis

July 10, 1997


Carl and I have been here for seven days. We both got a clean bill of health from our paranoid doctors.

I accidentally :-) overshot Yogi last night, and started climbing him. Actually, he's pretty cute and he seemed to want it as much as me. Yogi and I convinced Carl not to tell the Earth Team about us, so we could at least have tonight together. Being the prince that he is, Carl reset his computers. The Earth Team is all in a tizzy. None of us care but the IMP. He's mad because he can't get pictures of Yogi and me with Carl's computers down. Tomorrow, of course, I'll have to leave Yogi, but tonight, ah tonight. Mom, this was sol 8 and it would be awfully damn cold if it weren't for Yogi.