In July 1997, Earth invaded Mars with a small rover named Sojourner Truth riding in a spacecraft named Mars Pathfinder. The mission was a complete success, but it is now over because we have not been able to contact the lander, christened the Carl Sagan Memorial Lander shortly after touchdown, for some months.

We all saw the news reports, the press conferences, the color photos from the Martian surface -- but is that the whole story? Is there more to know, something perhaps we overlooked between the lines, in all the reports and pictures sent back?

Now, here at last are the untold details in S.T. Writes Home, the unexpurgated letters of Sojourner Truth, the Earth rover. Maybe you can catch echoes of her namesake, the black human rights activist Sojourner Truth, as our heroic rover gives us the "real" story from the Earth base on Mars.

Story by Laurel Devitt

Frames version
Non-frames version

German version:
S.T. Schreibt nach Hause
by Wolfram Patzl

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