Sol 52

Dear Mom,

Hi. I am doing fine and I hope that you are well and happy. Please accept my apologies for the tardy letter, but Carl has been acting-up again.

My tasks have been somewhat challenging lately because the scientists on Earth wanted me to go to "Shark" and obtain an APXS analyses (Shark's surfaces are dark gray and appear to be free of dust).

I had to enter the Rock Garden to get to Shark - a difficult task. You should be proud of me, I succeeded!

IMP took stereo-pictures of me when I climbed over Wedge on Sol 47 and almost fell over trying to get to Shark. IMP finally caught me in a rather "un-lady-like" pose. I have enclosed several prints. One is an anaglyph. If you look at the anaglyph picture through red (left eye) and blue (right eye) lenses, you can see me in three dimensions.