October 22, 1997

Dear Sojourner,

Your father and I are so proud of you! When you were younger, we never imagined that you would become so famous and receive such honors. We often see you and your name in the papers and magazines and on television - even after the excitement on July 4. We hear your name on the radio. Your movies that we see on the Pathfinder Web Site are marvelous!

You have probably been too busy to keep track of things. So, here are some of the special "firsts" and honors that have been bestowed on you.

  1. You are the first rover on Mars and considered to be the robotic equivalent of Neil Armstrong (you are too young to remember, but Neil was the first man on the Moon).
  2. You are the first "field geologist" on Mars. The scientists and engineers say that you are good at it.
  3. You hold all speed records on Mars (Bobby Rahal, Al Unser, and Jeff Gordon should be "green with envy").
  4. You are the first "movie star" on Mars. Some say, partly in jest, that you are like actresses on Earth and temperamental at times.
  5. Yesterday, you became an Honorary Fellow in the Planetary Geology Division of the Geological Society of America!

We enjoy your letters and are pleased that you are having such an interesting time on Mars. Keep up the good work! We are bursting with pride!!



P.S. We hope you receive this letter because communications have been rather poor lately.