by Laurel Devitt

Sojourner Truth
Kennedy Space Center
Cape Canaveral, FL

December 4, 1996

Dear Mom,

I am so scared. Pathfinder is too. We're ready for launch. If we make it, Mom, we'll be the first E.T.s on Mars (at least that WE know of). You won't get this letter until I can find a postbox on Mars, but in case something happens to me up there, I want you to know how much I loved you.


Mom, we're off. What a thrill! Our stomachs are really queasy, but we're finally on our way. Your daughter will be the first woman on Mars!


Mom, this is magnificent! We can look back on Earth, our beautiful blue planet, (now that our stomachs have settled). What a sight!


Mom, we're bored to death! Seven months of travel in space is no picnic. There won't be any action until we pass Global Surveyor on March 14th.


Still bored!